What are the best apps for poly folks?

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1:00 Announcements

10:50 Topic: There’s an App for That

  • Suggested poly apps from listeners: Google Calendar, OK Cupid, Facebook, SnapChat, Words with Friends, Skype, Zello, a long-range walkie-talkie app; What’s App, a way to consolidate chats with friends and lovers with no SMS charges or logging into various platforms
  • Apps I found in the iTunes app store: My marriage coach; Sex Tracker; Couple
  • What we want to develop: a positive feedback relationship app to give points to your loved ones when they are awesome. Talented developers interested in helping out contact LustyGuy on FetLife.

23:30 Happy Poly Moment

Paul shares a moment of recognizing an opportunity to pamper his Mistress.

25:15 Feedback

Marshe wrote in to explain Culture Warrior is an evangelical term referring to Christians who feel the U.S. mainstream culture is too secular and should be battled against.

Wrap up

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  1. My partners and I have found that Google+ has been helpful. It has an app for the Android for sure. Between individual partners, we share photos from our phones, small messages, general posts (like certain articles from here or elsewhere), and the items are made only visible to who we share with. When we’re traveling we can use the hangout feature to have voice and video chat. Later, we can see our individual communication streams which gives the opportunity to see relationship history element you talked about in the podcast. We’ve also created a circle (which is a group of individuals) that lets us share posts automatically between all of us in the more extended group. In our case our private circle is my partners and metamours; so we can see a history of that too. I love it when I check the feed and I notice one metamour sharing something interested directly with another! I hope you have the time to check it out because the Google+ has been great for us.

  2. Cunning Minx May 19, 2013 at 12:52 am · ·

    Yeah, I’ve barely scratched the surface of what Google+ can do. I still want to see if I can figure out how to do a live podcast on Google+.

  3. I just want to say that I love this week’s Happy Poly Moment. Much adoration to Paul. <3

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