LustyGuy and Cunning Minx handfastingWhy have a handfasting or any type of public commitment ceremony?

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1:00 HostChat

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4:00 Topic: What does commitment mean to you?

In light of our commitment ceremony last week, listener Vir wrote in to ask about why we decided to commit as well as

  • What did your vows cover?
  • What happens when someone breaks that promise?
  • Why makes your promise in front of witnesses different from what you were already doing?
  • What will the renewal process look like?
  • What did this ceremony give you that you didn’t already have?

Excellent questions, and ones that, frankly, even monogamous couples entering a traditional marriage should be able to answer as well!

18:00 Special segment: Minx and LustyGuy’s commitment ceremony

Our beach handfasting, officiated by L, with my friends M and J reading as well.

27:45 Happy Poly Moment

Rachel in NYC writes in to share a great first poly experience!

31:00 Thanks

Thanks for Hayley and Rachel for their generous donations this week!

32:00 Wrap up

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  1. Awesome. Simply, awesome. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hello! Just started listening and am so glad you shared this. I have often thought about “marriage” or a ceremony for a polylifestyle and it’s nice to hear about what other people do and what you guys did sounds very lovely and wonderful.

    On allergies, have you tried an NAET treatment? I used them for seasonal allergies and it got rid of a lot of my problems and recently did it again for mosquito bites (I’d go into shock after getting a couple) and I don’t react to mosquito bites at all now. It also works for pet allergies, not so sure about food allergies. I know you said you are not in a hurry about moving in with each other but whenever you are ready I would reccommend that allergy treatment. Just go to to learn more and search or ask around to find someone near you. I wish you guys the best!

  3. I have been listening for years, and you shared the rough times, making me so happy that you have something this happy to share! Good luck!

  4. Loved this episode, congratulations!

    Any chance you will make the text of your vows available? My paramour and I are planning a ceremony for this summer.

  5. That’s a perfect Episode i Love it and I believe That type of Commitment !

  6. Cunning Minx January 30, 2014 at 9:43 pm · ·

    Thanks for the well wishes! It was a pretty big step for me. For us. And we were happy to share!

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