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1:00 Announcements and Host Chat

3:45 Topic: HPV Hope

Danah Abarr of HPVHope answers listener queries about HPV:

  • How is HPV spread?
  • How long does it last in the body?
  • Who can be tested and how (men/women/trans)?
  • Is there a throat swab test of some kind?
  • Should a patient ask their dentist to look for abnormal throat cells that could be caused by HPV?
  • Who (men/women/trans) can be vaccinated and when?
  • What strains of HPV have different answers to these questions?
  • And even more difficult to answer, how much of this covered by health insurance?

HPV Fact sheet

39:15 Wrap up

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  1. Why wasn’t vaccination better emphasized by the host or guest? The guest even said at 30:00 there was no way to prevent HPV aside from a full-body condom or regular screening. WTF? They did cover it finally from 34:00 on. Seems like they should have started the program with “If you’re not vaccinated against HPV yet, go get vaccinated!”

    Nice program otherwise!

  2. Hi Dan, thanks for this feedback. You are right that HPV vaccination is critical and should be the corner stone of any HPV discussion. HPV vaccines have reduced the incidence rates in US teens by over 50% (since the approval of Gardasil in 2006). The more people vaccinated, the more lives will be saved. Thank you for being an HPV vaccine advocate and we will be sure to highlight this more in any future talks.

  3. Hether May 4, 2014 at 2:03 pm · ·

    Hey Minx,

    Great show, though I was a little surprised to hear you say that a rise in HPV in men’s throats could be attributed to more men going down on more women, and thought I’d point out that it could also be attributed to more men going down on more men.

    Either way, I hope everybody out there is having good sex, as safely as possible. 🙂

  4. Galliard Girl May 4, 2014 at 6:22 pm · ·

    YAY! Thank you for this show!

    As for why not push vaccination, every doctor I’ve talked to (and my husband did further research – http://jodybrai.livejournal.com/60297.html) refused to give ’em to anyone older than mid-20’s. It’s possible that this has changed in the past 3 years, and I’d love to know if it has.

  5. @Galliard Girl,

    I think it really depends on your doctor. When my wife and I decided to explore monogamishy (mash all the labels 😉 we spoke to our doctor and even though we were both in our late 40s she had no problem prescribing Gardasil for us.

    A couple of notes: 1. We are Canadian. 2. We agreed to pay for the vaccine (not cheap) out of our own pockets.

    My understanding is that exposure to one strain of HPV does not convey any form of immunity to any other, so even if you’ve had HPV in the past, that doesn’t make the vaccine useless. Even if it just falls under the ‘well it couldn’t hurt’ banner, we felt it was worth it.


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