lolcat questionYour questions about poly relationships, answered at Debauchery live panel!

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1:00 Announcements and Host Chat

8:30 Panel: Everything you ever wanted to know about poly

Live from Debauchery, listeners try to stump Minx and LustyGuy with tough poly questions!

  • 15:00 Long distance relationships Advice for someone whose partner is moving overseas and transitioning to a long distance relationship?
  • 24:45 Dealing with envy We’ve been married for 30 years and just had a conversation about additional sexual and romantic things they’d like to experience. Him additional romances, her more kink. How do I deal with feeling envious of his new romances when I want to be happy for him?
  • 39:15 Recovering from abuse After dealing with an abusive breakup, how do I work through that with my current partner if he/she still wants to see the abuser?
  • 48:30 Poly as an older single guy How and when do I come out as poly, since so many women are uncomfortable with it?
  • 1:00:45 Dealing with metamour’s D/s How do you handle a partner who has other partners with whom he/she in a D/s relationship?

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Wrap up

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  1. Minx in your ebook you basically write: “If the metaour does not want to talk, then run”.

    Minx: “I have learned that if the metamour isn’t open to communicate with me, I must walk away from the relationship….”

  2. Olaf–

    I apologize if my comment came across that way! What works for me might be very different from what works for you. The reason the book is called “8 Things I Wish I’d Known About Polyamory” rather than “8 Things Everyone Should Know About Polyamory” is because its primary goal is to share my own story rather than imposing my morality onto others.

    In short, just because I have to have strong metamour communication doesn’t mean everyone else does! I know plenty of healthy poly relationships in which metamours only have the barest of communications, and it works fine for them. That doesn’t work for me, and the takeaway was supposed to be just that: figure out what works for you (rather than simply imitating what works for me).

    • Minx, it always amazes me that “English” speaking people tries to be political correct, while the rest of the world says “hugh?” LOL

      I think that the none-English people understood what you meant.
      I just wanted to point out that it somehow conflicts with this “Dealing with metamour’s D/s”.

      I would walk away too.
      I or better put, I will “prevent” a start of a new relationship with me if there is conflict with the metamours I will encounter. I do not want a “preventable” toxic element introduced in my existing relationship(s). A new relationship is a bonus on top of an already good relationship.

      I am not there to break an existing relationship, and I am not there to put my current partners to harm. It is all about the love.

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