4-lolcats-of-the-apocalypseMinx came out to her family in Texas. How did THAT go?

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6:15 Topic: Minx comes out to her family It turns out that other people’s interest in my dating life was greatly exaggerated. Quite anticlimactic! Funniest part was when my mom asked, “Why isn’t it too boys and one girl?”

15:00 Feedback

  • Christina writes in to ask if she can self-identify as polyamorous.
  • FiscalDom wrote in to criticize episode 387 Is Monogamy Natural?

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  1. Nice to know someone else has a coming-out story as anticlimactic as mine. 😉

    I came out to my parents not long after I started identifying as poly, but before I actively started dating. I’d rather be proactive about putting something on front street; I’m many things, but adept at subterfuge, I am not! lol
    The days leading up to it, I went through this whole speech in my head about the philosophy behind it, and mentally preparing for the possibility of being disowned for being such a sinful & immoral spawn of Satan. I’m very much a neurotic mess most of the time and I often frustratingly shake my fist at how my brain decides to use its imagination.

    Most of the conversation was them trying to alleviate my anxiety around coming out. Their main concern was STI prevention, but other than that, their approach is “so long as you harm none, do as you will.” I find it incredibly interesting that the picture my mind created was 10,000 times worse than their actual reaction, but I also realize not everyone is born into an open-minded family.

  2. Ryan–

    Well, there ended up being some judgment after the fact, but yes, the original coming out was fairly simple. We do always imagine the worst, don’t we?

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