lolcatnotamusedAm I just secondary or is he not that into me?

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Topic: Am I just secondary or is he not that into me?

A listener writes in with a concern that her partner doesn’t seem to have time or focused attention for her. She and he are both married and have been dating about seven months, but he rarely initiates contact and hasn’t yet arranged for them to have intimate time together. His wife says things are fine. Is this just how secondaries are treated, she asks, or does the lack of time spent together mean he is he not that into me?

  • What would monogamists do? Would you have been OK with this level of intimacy in any other relationship?
  • Being poly doesn’t mean a lack of emotional intimacy
  • The only thing that matters is whether it works for YOU
  • Ask for what you want

Happy Poly Moment

  • Sarah shares a lovely happy poly moment about a new metamour reaching out to her
  • G shares a happy poly moment about going to a film festival with two lovers and having them there to provide support during a triggering moment

Wrap up

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  1. Yay! You put my happy moment on the air. I am full of squeee all over again hearing the story 🙂

  2. Happy to provide re-squee-ability!

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