What are the sticking points of sex in your bed24446326_s? And why?

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Topic: Rules about beds

A listener writes in to ask what kind of rules people make about beds. Is your bed just for sleeping? Is sex with your partners OK? What about with their partners? What if you’re not there? Who cleans the sheets and when? The results of our poly bed poll are here.

And if you’re not protective of your bed, is there some other area you are protective of—like your car or your kitchen? It’s always good to be aware of where your boundaries are.

Today, LustyGuy and Minx talk through what you need to consider about bed etiquette and, if you are going to make any rules, to prepare for them to be broken at some point.

Happy Poly Moments

  • M wrote in to share a wonderful mono-poly happy moment. As the monogamous partner who got pregnant, she was bowled over by her metamour’s consistent support of her throughout the pregnancy and after the birth!
  • Speaking of beds, A wrote in to say that once they got a king bed, everything was a million times better!

Wrap Up

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  1. I was on the treadmill at the gym while listening to this episode and when the first Happy Poly Moment came on, I had a difficult time not tearing up. Of course I wasn’t scared off! Okay, I wondered and worried a little how things were going to be, but running away never entered my mind. Being a married mom of 2, I know what it’s like to bring home a new baby while having a toddler. Plus I can’t imagine not having E and M in my life, they’re both amazing. Happy poly moment ftw!


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