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How do you deal with introversion, self-care and anxiety in poly?

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1:00 Announcements and host chat

1:30 Poly in the News

Books about loving everybody

4:00 Topic: Dealing with introverts, extroverts and anxiety in polyamory

A listener writes in to ask about how to find personal space and time for self-care when in a poly situation, particularly a living situation. Is there a tip for dealing with personal space, introversion, self-care and anxiety in poly?

  • You can decide what is ethical and happy- and healthy-making for you
  • If what you really want is more sex with your wife, having sex with someone else won’t help. But if you have desires that you can happily fulfill elsewhere, go to it!

15:00 Feedback

  • School psychologist sounds off on how to support a survivor of abuse in episode 448
  • A listener writes in to ask if mono-poly (due to his wife identifying as a gray asexual) can work
  • New poly word from R: “consolidate,” when several partners agree to go on a date together for efficiency

27:15 Happy Poly Moment

L is a therapist in a conservative state who was afraid to come out as poly at work—before hearing the other therapists talk about how they prefer poly patients, since it’s easier to get them to listen to each other than mono folks!

29:00 Thank you!

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30:00 Wrap up

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  1. You seem very insightful and have very good advice to offer. I haven’t come across what you do for work but I wondered if any of you have training in counseling or other helping professions or if you ever have guidance from one in terms of providing advice on the show?

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