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0:00-1:20 Introduction
Intro, under-18 warning and re-direction to And try leaving a comment on the NEW Poly Weekly listener comment line at 206-202-POLY! Come on; you know you want to!

1:20-4:40 Acknowledgements

  • A special thanks to for the loan of a PowerBook while my laptop is in the shop as well as for massive attempts at data recovery.
  • Thanks again to , and for their photo contributions to the Eros-zine shoot, and to Violet Blue for putting a notice on
  • And don’t forget Polyamorous Percolations for poly resources!
  • Take a look at the Poly Weekly Frappr Map and forum to shout out to other polys and to ask questions/discuss issues with other listeners during the week.

4:40-18:30 Listener mail
Sambear, Woodrant and Alan send in anniversary greetings; Jason and Niki’s sponsor spot; R snarks about the Washington Post article; MB weighs in on Asperger’s and using poly to cure a deficit in a relationship; 11:15 Wanda from Tennessee reports on sex toy stores and sex clubs in TN; Jason in Virginia asks about poly and ADD–any listeners with advice?; 15:00 N asks about dealing with being monogamous and vanilla with a kinky/poly partner–minx recommends “When Someone You Love is Kinky” from

18:30-29:35 Topic: Dealing with a more popular partner
Jason in Virginia muses over minx’s lack of current popularity with respect to , and weighs in on the question of how to deal with one partner getting more attention in terms of dates than the other. And minx talks about the value of positive attitude and getting out more in coping with jealousy and insecurity.

29:35-43:40 Poly in the media: Big Love

  • Jason sends in a link to a book review for In Sacred Loneliness: The Plural Wives of Joseph Smith about Joseph Smith’s polygamy and 33 wives
  • The review of Big Love comes from the point of view that TV creators are bored with “normal” families and thus are scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of plot lines and situations.
  • 35:33 This review of Big Love by Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, also takes the view that TV will “exploit virtually any opportunity for a story” and makes the weary slippery-slope argument about gay marriage leading to marriage meaning “virtually anything.” That, and he didn’t research the historical institution of marriage before writing this article.
  • 41:45 Polygamists, unite! is an interesting article about polygamists coming out of the shadows to fight for their rights.

43:40-51:20 Big Love: minx’s opinion
points out the fear that because of Big Love and his history as a Mormon, people will assume that he’s polygamous, not polyamorous. minx is bothered by the polygynous setup with the husband all but absent in the wives’ emotional relationships. IMHO, the wives all need extra husbands because he certainly isn’t giving them the communcation or support they need. But hey, nice naked guy-butt. And creepy, creepy scenes in the compound. And what’s with shaking people down for tithe?

51:20-52:15 Graydancer’s anniversary congrats

52:15-end Wrap-up
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