An amazing new black and poly web series, Compersion

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3:30 Interview: creator and cast of Compersion

Have you seen the new web series Compersion yet? Go watch season one! It’s a well crafted story of what happens when two isn’t enough in marriage? It is a question that Keena & Josh must answer after 15 years of marriage in Enchant TV’s new provocative drama, COMPERSION.

We interview the series creator, Jackie Stone as well as its stars, Jamie Pattonn (Keena Prescott) and Derek LeMont (Joshua Prescott) about why the series was created and what the response has been.

And they are fundraising for Season Two. Let’s get this funded so we can see what happens next! Please donate if you can.

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48:00 Wrap up

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  1. The series might be new to you, but it’s not new in general. I personally found it on YouTube back in July–long before I found the poly weekly podcast. It’s weird to hear it being labeled “new”.

  2. Yes, it came to my attention via Poly in the News after season one was completed. So glad to have heard about it!

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