The new Polyamory Weekly #59 is up! Direct download is here.

0:00 Introduction
Intro, under-18 warning and re-direction to Thanks to (a professional voiceover guy!) for the voiceover warning.

Thanks to RedBone for the generous donation this week!

2:45 Listener mail
Eric commented on minx’s conservative-bashing; 4:55 Lisa suggests dating using MySpace

Lolita Wolf is teaching her poly class, “How to Be a Greedy Pig: Strategies for Poly Success” at Desire.

6:25 Listener mail
Matt wrote in with advice about coming out to mono/vanilla friends; 8:15 audio well-wishes from Dave in Albuquerque; 9:30 Matt reported a lack of fallout from last week’s Boston Herald article; 10:25 Alan of Poly Impressions blog commented on last week’s Boston Herald article and just how classy poly folks can be

13:30 Poly in the Media
Court rejects polygamy defense in Salt Lake City; minx muses about the age of consent; 14:45 Town won’t let unmarried parents live together in Blackjack, Missouri, but what about sororities or group homes? Huh? and is it OK to have just one kid if you’re not married–what huh?; 16:45 MSN article on “multi-dating,” which is kind of like poly for daters

20:35 ‘s thoughts on emotion/logic
The fabulous wrote this brilliantly insightful entry on emotional and logical decision-makers and how we need to have a balance of both for optimal communication, concluding Feel with your heart, but check your facts.

23:45 PolyWeekly LJ listener poll
If you haven’t already, please take the PW listener poll #1 and PW listener poll #2 and let me know who you are and what you like/don’t like about the show! Thanks for the input!

24:50 Wrap-up
Questions? Comments? Feedback? Email me at or call the listener comment line at 206-202-POLY. And hey, why not attach an audio comment to that email? 🙂 Thanks for listening!

If you like the intro/outro music, check out Pacemaker Jane, a cool band out of Ohio.


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