The new Polyamory Weekly #65 is up! Direct download is here.

0:00 Introduction
Intro, under-18 warning and re-direction to And thanks to guests , Karen and Stan for co-hosting today’s show!

1:45 Listener mail
Rianna wrote in with poly music rant; jonathan coulton’s first of may; 4:00 Andy wrote in about poly music and sperm—masturbation helps you relax and makes you appear less desperate to potential partners; Graydancer brings up There’s Something About Mary and Karen comments on the Zen approach to masturbation; 8:00 Daichi wrote in about how he and his wife use PW to discuss relevant topics in their marriage; Stan comments that he also discovered that forming a triad instead of a dyad also forced him to own up to his own issues and open up the communication; Graydancer comments on being fearless and going in knowing you will die; Karen shares her stories of her first poly communication

16:35 Audio comment: lesbian laptops
Rose commented on the Omaha Sternberg interview, the pride parade and lesbian laptops.

19:30 Topic: Asexuality and emotional intimacy
David wrote in about and asexual relationships and referencec his blog at Is it all about the sex? What do asexuality and polyamory have in common? Karen, Stan, minx and Graydancer discuss emotional and sexual intimacy; Graydancer brings up the non-sexual intimacy of contact improv dance

31:00 Topic: Poly families with children
Songwind wrote in about poly families and how parental duties and familial relationships work within their seven-person (four adults and three children) polyfidelitous family; Stan relates how he, his wife R and Karen formed their triad, and he and Karen share his seven-year-old son’s reaction when Stan first kissed Karen; 44:45 Stan and Karen discuss their upcoming move into a combined household; we all discuss decorating/interior design decisions in poly settings; 50:45 discusses his teenage kids’ decisions not to be poly; being open with his daughters about his poly relationships; their reaction to his being bisexual

57:30 Outro: Poly music
Jonathan Coulton sings First of May, a pagan- and poly-friendly tune containing the line “I called my lady/She wasn’t home/So I called my girl”

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If you like the intro music, check out Pacemaker Jane, a cool band out of Ohio.


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