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0:00 Introductions
This was the Polyamory Weekly first Skypecast on the subject of living situations. Participants included , Earthwalker, Elfin, Amy Gahran and John Patrick Robichaud.

3:00 JPR, considering living with his girlfriend, asks about living space; Elfin speaks to the idea of having a second bedroom/office for his OSO; Amy Gahran speaks to the difficulties of not having space

7:40 JPR asks about poly individuals combining living spaces versus coming into poly as a couple, Earthwalker started as couple and Elfin shares that he and his wife moved their OSO and her son in with them into one bedroom and a king-sized bed; Amy clarifies about a need for psychological space; Elfin mentions scheduling being an issue with SOs and OSOs having off-shifts

14:40 minx reads a contributory email from Tammy; her SO’s gave her space in their house, and then they all moved into her house; she does the dishes; they arranged for her to have a kid-free space; JPR expresses a concern for kid-free spaces; Elfin taught his 14-yr-old boy to knock and wait for an answer; Earthwalker’s family has a 10- and 6-yr old with the same knock-and-wait rule; Earthwalker describes his girlfriend and her son moving in with him, his wife and son;

20:00 minx asks about divvying up chores; Earthwalker shares how they work things; Elfin shares that people do what they care about most

24:30 minx asks about who decides on furniture, decoration, etc; Elfin shares a story about how they made a landscaping renovation decision

27:30 Wrap-Up
Suggestions for upcoming Skypecast conversations: dealing with being out in small communities/PDA; handling different religions and spiritual practices within a household

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