The new Polyamory Weekly #71 is up! Direct download is here.

0:00 Introduction
Intro, under-18 warning and re-direction to

1:40 Announcements
Thanks to for taking over last week, and the final announcement about voting for PW (every 24 hours, if you like!) until August 11th at the Podcast Awards!

2:35 Listener mail
Earthwalker sends in audio comment about how people bring up the subject of becoming poly within an existing relationship; 3:40 Matthew from Boston called in to comment on homosexuality and genetics and his mother being against research to prove a genetic background because some might want to choose the orientation of their child; 5:45 RJ in Vegas asked about dealing with the loss of a partner/matriarch

9:45 Listener mail: Emotional intimacy
10:15 Sean relates a story of emotional intimacy; 12:05 Donut Rooter suggests not flirting and masturbation as healthy ways of coping with denied sexual intimacy; minx comments that the flirtation issue depends on what your definition of sex is; 16:15 Daichi comments that living within established boundaries provides the joy of selfless living; minx comments on the basis for establishing and negotiating boundaries

14:35 Listener Mail
Andy wrote in about marriage divorce stat correction, 76% of couples have at least one unfaithful partner; 15:50 Shawn wrote in about frubble and Heinlein; minx comments on Anne Rice’s equally idealistic models of slaves/submissives

17:50 Topic: Emotional/Sexual intimacy
Mayor Damien wrote in about having emotional intimacy without sexual; minx comments on the real issue being how to deal with the tension created by wanting emotional or sexual intimacy but having one of those aspects restricted by relationship boundaries

18:55 minx in the media
Thalia quotes minx’s thoughts in this Sexherald advice column regarding a woman dating a poly (or monogamous?) man

22:30 Poly in the Media
posed the question in the LiveJournal polyamory community asking if the polyamorous community should work actively towards promoting more positive and fair reporting on our lifestlye in the media

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