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0:00 Introduction
Intro, under-18 warning and re-direction to

1:30 Announcements
Polyday is October 14, 2006, in London, England. For details, visit

305 Listener Mail
Mike asks for advice on the mono to poly transition; minx suggests reading The Ethical slut and joining local groups; 7:10 Lisa from Halifax comments that she’s frubbling over her lover’s lover bringing out new sides of him and how his lover is already pitching in to help her out; 10:30 a Vermont listener calls in about being new to poly; 12:00 Sean comments on homosexuality being genetic; 13:00 ’s comments on having young, media-trained representatives

15:00 Topic: Talking with metamours; are all feelings valid?
From this entry, ’s eloquent thoughts on communicating with metamours and the whys behind why some people don’t want to or aren’t interested in speaking with metamours; comments on the idea of all feelings being valid—he says they’re not; you must do the work, understand your feelings, determine if they’re well-founded, and in some cases, figuring out how to change them

21:05 Poly in Media
Check out this commentary on the Beyond Marriage manifesto—maybe we shouldn’t go away quietly, 23:00 Stanley Kurtz is at it again; This The Tidings article comments on his article that marriage is about “sustaining the conditions in which freedom can thrive” –but apparentely, that means ONLY freedom for monogamous, heterosexual couples; 24:30 this article from the Salt Lake Tribune about polygamists children holding a rally shows an interesting precent for alternative family groups–let the children speak for themselves

27:45 Interview: Raven Kaldera
Author of Pagan Polyamory: Becoming a Tribe of Hearts reads his favorite bit from the book

45:00 Wrap-up
Thanks for your votes at the Podcast Awards; 46:15 if you want it to be about the sex, write in and tell me!

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