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0:00 Our October sponsor: Kinky Ropes

1:00 Introduction
Intro, under-18 warning and re-direction to

2:10 Resources and Announcements
Thanks to Jonathan for his donation; the Poly Living Conference takes place in Philadelphia in February; poly-mono groups are available at the Yahoo! Poly-mono group and the CPN Yahoo! Poly-mono group; check out this article on therapy with clients who are bisexual and polyamorous by Geri Weitzman; 5:00 Amy Gahran weighs in on the Advice Goddess’ write-in guy as being creepy; 8:00 Angel calls in to say that Schoolhouse Rock’s “Three is a Magic Number” is her family’s poly song–and she sings it for us!!; 10:00 Heather calls in to share an experience with insecurity about an outside erotic relationship taking precedence over a friendship; 13:05 Val Sam comments on learning how to be brave and on trust in communication; minx comments on the difficulty of being honest and vulnerable with someone who doesn’t trust you or a metamour who isn’t in love with you; 17:35 Jonathan from Florida asked if there is a sign language sign for polyamory–minx is researching

17:15 Topic: Dealing with Jealousy
This article from the BBC is intended for monogamous couples and is a great communication starter, with exercises on discovering your jealousy triggers and writing how those incidents make you feel as well as listing what you and your partner can do to help

20:45 Topic: Return to the Original Orgasm
minx talks about why she decided to share her original orgasm story and the benefits of sharing sexual experiences; D wrote in to share the fact that her first orgasms were from pulling herself along the side of the bathtub and how she went on to explore other methods of orgasm with her partners

23:40 Poly in the Media
This article is a review of a 1933 Noel Coward play, “Design for Living,” that is poly-friendly in 2006; 26:00 a new sitcom pilot for a show called “Polly & Marie” is waiting to be picked up–check out the trailer here and check out the show’s MySpace page here; minx is heartened to see polyamory getting into the mainstream media but is concerned that the trailer focuses too much on sensationalized sex and not on loving, long-term committed relationships–what do you think?

29:00 Wrap-up
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If you like the intro music, check out Pacemaker Jane, a cool band out of Ohio.


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