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0:00 Introduction
Intro, under-18 warning and re-direction to

1:30 Resources and Announcements
no sign for “polyamory” in ASL; Cherie let us know about the Florida Poly Retreat, March 15-18, 2007, which Anita Wagner, Robyn Trask and Franklin all speak at–check it out at; she also comments on the Return to the Original Orgasm segment; minx comments and tells a story about ‘s advice on her first experience with a woman; Anna Sharman has a new book out called “Open Fidelity: An A-Z Guide”, available at; Jason in Virginia calls in to comment on the guy from show #78 who might have been exposing his hugging fetish

6:30 Topic: Mistress Matisse’s Things Polyamorous People Should Know
Matisse wrote this wonderful tell-it-like-it-is column for Seattle’s The Stranger, including comments that written agreements don’t mean that no one will get hurt; make sure “it’s fine” means that it’s REALLY FINE (we don’t allow “fine” as an emotional description in our family at all!); minx also comments on Matisse’s statement that it is unethical to knowingly enter into a relationship as someone’s secondary partner and then start bitching because you don’t get the same rights and privileges as the primary. Seek your own primary. minx comments on the basic truth of the statement but comments that relationships seek their own level, and changes need to be dealt with

11:10 Topic: Why We Need Conservatives
Lorin wrote in about the function that conservatism serves in a changing society

14:45 Interview: Tantric Sex
How they got into tantra; a definition of trantra; what tantric sex isn’t; 20:30 how to get started in tantric sex; a deep reverence for your partner(s) moving into a sense of collaboration, exploration and discovery; 23:45 ebb and flow in arousal period; tantra 101 tips; eye-gazing technique (tantra in three minutes a day!); 30:30 the “goal” is achieving mystical experiences through sexuality; how do you change engrained sexual practices; fantasy tennis; 36:45 are the orgasms really better?; the key is keeping at the edge of the cliff and turning the whole body into a genital; 42:00 find out more at, where you can buy a signed copy of the book and sign up for an online course

43:50 Our October sponsor: Kinky Ropes

44:55 Wrap-up
PW has a new best friend–let’s all thank J for editing PW! He’s edited for the last three weeks and has allowed the minx a SOCIAL LIFE for the last few weeks! We love J!

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