The new Polyamory Weekly #83: How Come He’s Better Than Me? is up! Direct download is here.

1:00 Introduction and host chat
Intro, under-18 warning and re-direction to; minx talks over the PME crowd, uncluding the The Swingercast and Sex Is Fun!; and we’re still looking for PW correspondents in the following areas:

  • Poly Families/childrearing
  • Poly and Politics
  • Anything else you think we should cover

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7:30 Announcement
Stephen Elliott was interviewed for and answered the question “Is sex a political act?”

9:30 Listener Mail
Dixie asks about symbols for polyamory; minx replies with the standard infinity sign overlaid on a heart; check out Abzu Designs to see poly pendants with this symbol; RC wrote in (incorrectly called RatBastid–my cut/paste error!) about emotions and his technique of holding other people’s emotions as valid but being skeptical about his own emotions; minx says this is great but be careful about your partners doing the opposite–being skeptical/critical of your emotions but assuming their own are valid; 16:45 minx muses/rants about the recent spate of pseudo-poly questions being posed to advice columnists; 19:00 Heather calls in a damn sexy poly story about “Two Cocks in One Pussy”!!

24:50 Topic: How Come He’s Better Than Me?
RC shares a very erotic tale of spending an entire day arousing his girlfriend and then being very upset to see a dear friend, Cane Man, turn her into Jell-O in two minutes flat. He comments on the value of remembering how important he is to her intimacy circle versus the temporary guest star; minx comments on the power of new/occasional sexual energy vs. established relationship energy and the value of remembering that even the best guest stars probably wouldn’t get such sensational responses long-term. And remember, too, that the very reason that she can experience something so intense is because of you and your relationship.

33:45 Poly in the Media
[link to come]What’s the Real Story on Same Sex Marriage is another one of those annoyingly conservative articles with creative use of quotation marks and from someone who’s never read a book, including the Bible; 37:15 [link to come] A new show on TBS called “My Boys” is about one girl who has five male friens with whom she apparently occasionally has sex

37:50 Wrap-up
PW has a new best friend–let’s all thank J for editing PW! He’s edited for the last three weeks and has allowed the minx a SOCIAL LIFE for the last few weeks! We love J!

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