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Intro, under-18 warning and re-direction to; everyone welcome my real-life brother, AustinBrother, as our co-host this week!

1:50 Listener Mail
Chris writes in about Christianity and monogamy, blaming the Roman Empire for favoring monogamy over other family structures;

4:50 Topic: Home for the Holidays
minx shares her general tips for coming out:

  1. Choose your timing carefully
  2. In private is usually better
  3. Be comfortable with yourself
  4. Be honest with yourself about why you’re coming out and what you expect
  5. Be noble–be more tolerant of them than they are of you
  6. Be prepared to answer questions
  7. Have a party line “I don’t expect you to understand or approve, but I wanted to be honest with you and eventually accept”

minx and AustinBrother discuss possible family reactions (OtherBrother would focus on the sex and mom would ignore it)

16:50 Poly in the Media
CBS4 did this reasonably fair article on polyamory in Florida with an attempt at scandal by “going undercover” to (gasp!) the LIBRARY to find polyamorists; 21:05 Our new Deputy Assistant Secretary for Population Affairs, Erik Keroack, a Bush appointee, is known for giving a PowerPoint presentation explaining how women who have sex before marriage “use up” their oxytocin and lose their ability to love (seriously). And yes, he’s in charge of family planning in this country!

Articles on him and his oxytocin theories he’s presenting as fact:

37:50 Wrap-up
PW has a new best friend–let’s all thank J for editing PW! He’s edited for the last three weeks and has allowed the minx a SOCIAL LIFE for the last few weeks! We love J!

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