The new Polyamory Weekly #8: Poly Misconceptions in the Media is up! Direct download is here.

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Introduction and host chat
Intro, under-18 warning and re-direction to

Announcement: Global Orgasm Day
Celebrate Global Orgasm Day by sending in your audio orgasms with or without partners to PW! Orgasm on December 22nd and email me to be included in the PW tally!

1:30 Listener Mail
Kit wrote in about being young and poly and how she needs poly to develop as a person; 7:30 Amanda, 18, comments that the “poly trendy” are just emotionally immature 11:00 Cortez distinguishes needs vs. wants; minx comments that we get to define our own needs, even if someone else thinks it’s a want; 17:00 John wrote in about having low testosterone; 17:50 B in West Virginia leaves an audio comment about a happy poly moment; 19:40 in a HAWT HAWT HAWT audio segment, Damon and Foxy talk about what they like about being poly (all about the SEX!); 26:50 Asrai sent in this biased link on the history of monogamy; I’ll be doing more research and doing a show on this

27:30 Poly in the Media

45:1o Wrap-up
Let’s all thank J for editing PW! He’s edited for the last three weeks and has allowed the minx a SOCIAL LIFE for the last few weeks! We love J!

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