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0:00 Introduction and host chat
Intro, under-18 warning and re-direction to

1:40 Listener Mail
Thanks to Jason who wrote in to share his story; thanks to Marc for his donation to get minx a new car stereo; BTW, you can always make a donation to support PW by clicking here and hitting “Make a Donation”; if you’re interested in discussing the hotwife lifestyle (watching your wife with other men, he suggests checking out; minx comments that while this is a great lifestyle for some people, this doesn’t usually constitute frubble, which is explicitly non-sexual; Simon wrote in to share some historical poly couples; 5:00 Alex wrote in to share his own personal Orgasm Day and on the Poly Paradise Theme Camp at Burning Man, a great source of community for those lucky enough to go to Burning Man (hint, hint–see donate button above! minx wants to go!); Alyssa wrote in with a rant about poly being trendy;

10:35 Topic: The Poly Walk-In Closet
wrote an insightful article on being “in the closet” with poly–why one might choose to stay inside and yet how toxic the closet can be, along with his and his partner’s own policy of the “walk-in closet” with respect to poly.

15:25 My Poly Family
Earthwalker shares some of the many benefits that his children have from being in a blended poly family

20:00 Poly in the Media

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