The new Polyamory Weekly #93: Michelle Belanger Talks Tolerance is up! Direct download is here.

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0:00 Introduction and host chat
Intro, under-18 warning and re-direction to

1:40 PW Publicity
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3:05 Interview: Michelle Belanger
3:30 Ben Franklin Hellfire club; high IQ and kinky college professors
6:05 introduction “a modern renaissance vampire involved in all aspects of fringe community”
7:40 book plugs: The Psychic Energy Codex and Vampire Voices, an anthology of the vampire community, coming in the fall of this year; on diversity
10:05 On tolerance: comes from a lack of familiarity
12:35 etymology of the word “evil”: outside the boundaries, what is different; this is why gays can be intolerant of bisexuals
14:40 the need to belong, especially among fringe groups; why everyone hates the furries
18:05 knowing the person before the label; fighting intolerance with educating yourself about those who are different—if something bothers you, find out WHY
20:25 if you’re threatened by something your kids do, do it with them instead of forbidding it
21:35 how to come out; start by gauging their flexibility regarding small things and see if they’re willing to expand the world they live in; sometimes we presuppose rejection and get angry in advance; think of it as gauging a new piercing; introduce things slowly
25:05 Michelle suggests starting by asking, “Do you believe there is one true love for everyone?” and having a stupid amount of patience; Some may never accept it; hatred can be inspired by fear;
29:05 minx asks why one friend responded with, “if you’re poly, then my marriage is meaningless—that’s an insult to my marriage”; Michelle comments that most people do have someone else from their past they still love, even when married and the fear of the “but what if… ?”

Coming up on next week’s show
Michigan’s laws against adultery and dealing with poly and disability.

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