Hi! It’s Polyamory Weekly, and this is a special announcement.

Yup, after 11 years of continuous publication, I’m taking a brief hiatus. We’ll be taking two months off and come back to you with brand new content in July.

What should you do in that time? I’d recommend, if you have the PW app, going back and listening to older episodes that came out before you started listening–that’s what I do with This American Life. Or you can go to www.polyweekly.com and do a keyword search for your topic du jour: jealousy, metamours, living situations, money–and get a list of all the episodes that have touched on it.

What will I be doing with the time? Well, I’ll be looking for my next dream marketing job–so if you know a B2B or B2C organization looking for a fabulous content marketing strategist, drop me an email at cunningminx at gmail.
In the meantime, remember to be true to yourself, own your shit, ask for what you want and, of course, that it’s not all about the sex.

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