Hey, guys! I want to make a video to go on YouTube to help promote Poly Weekly. And what would the Minx do but create a collection of photos of wondermous BOOBIES!

Are you boobielicious? Want to help promote Poly Weekly? Here’s how you can help: send in G-rated pictures of your boobies for the collage to cunningminx at gmail dot com with the subject “Boobies!” If your photos include your face, be ABSOLUTELY SURE you’re OK with that photo being posted on the internet.

[sits eagerly by inbox, waiting for yummy pix]

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  1. We just got a good one of my pregnant boobies in a nice (but technically g-rated!) deep-cleavage top, I’ll get it sent over soon
    : )

  2. I can’t find a way to send it 🙁 I just wrote a book about boobs, and Cunning Minx’ “boobiesexuals” was mentioned 🙂
    yay boobies ( . )( . )

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