Polyamory Resources

Unlike even 10 years ago, there are now a wealth of poly resources available online to let you know you’re not alone in your struggles. Just a few of my favorite sites, produced by tireless folks determined to help others understand the polyamorous lifestyle:

  • Franklin Veaux’s Polyamory FAQ – A wealth of info, essays and handbooks for those new (and old) to poly. Documents on Poly 101, Jealousy in theory and practice, Secondary guide and care, and much more.
  • Loving More Magazine – The not-for-profit organization and magazine that also sponsors national conferences. The hub of poly activism and information. Please support them.
  • Polyamory in the News (blog) – A labor of love by the tireless Alan, who documents and analyzes all mentions of poly in the news. Food for thought.
  • Polyamorous Percolations – Great group blog aggregating feeds and information on all aspects of poly and including info on Poly 101, poly versus swinging and poly basics.
  • Poly-Friendly Professionals – National list of poly- and kink-friendly professionals, including lawyers, doctors and therapists.
  • Modern Poly – A site for poly activists and community leaders to collaborate and share ideas.
  • Successful Nonmongamy – Marcia Baczinski’s coaching site for those considering non-monogamy
  • PolyMatchmaker– Poly dating site.
  • Abzu Emporium – Poly jewelry. (Formerly Abzu Designs.)
  • Polyamorous NYC – Polyamorous group in New York City.
  • Seattle Poly Resources
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Poly Weekly Resources

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