Since I seem to have skipped straight from homemade toys to the $300 Saint Andrew’s cross in my own kink journeys, I was wondering what these beginning bondage kits are like. Are they any good? Would they really be useful for wannabe kinksters just trying to spice it up a bit without joining a dungeon and suspending each other inverted from hard points in the bedroom. What if you just wanted a little kink and didn’t want to make that trip to Home Depot?

So when‘s Love Restraints arrived in the mail, I asked my kinky friends to help try them out. What did true kinksters say about the beginner’s Love Restraints?

Love Restraints

Overall, the impression was darn positive. Without looking at the package, my buddy Zed promptly strapped my roommate’s hands crossed behind her back, and then just as quickly released her and restrained her hands in front of her body, one crossed over the other. My roommate obligingly struggled a bit to see if she could break the restraints, and she couldn’t (although she did note that the rope did tighten on the wrists, so beginners should check for profusion and tell partners if they feel pins and needles over time to avoid potential nerve damage). Also, the ropes are attached to the belt with quick-release clips, so no need to carry safety shears around should you need to release your sweetie for urgent, animalistic sex.

Comments about the Love Restraints:

“They’re really versatile.”
“Comfortable. I could fall asleep.”
“Easy to use.”

Love Restraints

The waist belt comes with an extender to fit from teeny tiny (like me) up to about a size 18. The belt is vinyl, not leather, so it won’t last forever. But hey, if you rip these puppies apart in the first six weeks, chances are you’re no longer in the “beginner” category of kink and might want to check out shibari. Or riding crops, leather floggers, canes and single-tails.

Or is that just me?

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