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Well, I’ve been remiss to our fantastic sponsor, AdamEve.com, by not reviewing the fantastic sex toys and goodies they sent more promptly! But trust me, my friends have had a lot of fun product-testing this one for me! Indeed, couples were lined up down the street.

The basics:

Wedge The Wedge is billed as “the sex bed” you’ve always dreamed of” and “great for G-spot action!” And the idea is pretty simple: raise the luscious booty of your sweetie to allow for easier and deeper vaginal and anal penetration without straining the lower back or thighs of the, um, thrustee.

My question was primarily, “Is this any better than a pillow?” Well, in a few ways, yes. The foam is denser than a pillow’s, so it gives firmer support and won’t collapse under your body weight. And the removable cover is washable nylon, so you don’t have to worry as much about all that sticky Astroglide or Liquid Silk soaking into the cushion and funking up your favorite sex pillow. For a neat freak like me, washability of just about anything I own is a very big deal. Score one in that category!

Our product testers (yes, it’s a rough life!) said:

WedgeThe best thing about The Wedge is that it makes you want to brainstorm different ways of using it. In the end, I suspect many of the positions we found for it could also be achieved with an ordinary fluffy pillow or two, but there is no denying that The Wedge makes for some very comfortable missionary and doggie sex, with plenty of room for hands around the clit.

Indeed. Actually, the Wedge does come with a full-color booklet of different positions to try, so when the package arrives in the mail, you don’t even have to rely on your own creativity or fall back onto your favorite positions. Heck, why not try everything listed in the brochure, just to make super-sure you’re getting your money’s worth, right? 🙂 There might even be a few options in there that might just be a tad easier with the extra foamy support!

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