Yes, you saw that right–vibrating nipple clamps!

These were a bit intimidating at first. Electricity near my nipples? Er… not sure I want to go there. But hey, I’m an intrepid reviewer, and my nipples can take it.

First off, I noticed that the clamps are rather heavy–each one weighs about as much as the average computer mouse. And they’re a bit long and dangly–would they even stay on the nipple? Well, yes. The tips are nicely covered in rubber tool dip, so there isn’t much of a pinching sensation at all. In fact, I had to tighten them pretty closely (using the thumb screw provided) just to get them to stay on the nipple.

The clamps come with the appropriate batteries (three LR44’s per clamp) plus six spares, which I found to be a nice touch. And the vibration is easy to control with the twist dial at the bottom of each.

In truth, I found these more soothing than kinky. Turned up all the way, they can pack a pretty powerful vibration–and it’s just that, vibration. Soothing. Kinda comfortable and tingly, no personal torment involved at all.

If you’re timid, get a pair and try them out on the skin of your forearm first–feel the mild to robust vibrating sensation there. Pretty comfy, right? Soothing, isn’t it?

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  1. Yeah, I’d have to agree with you about those vibrating clamps. They were . . . interesting but not very kinky. I think soothing is a good way to describe them.

  2. Pictures?

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