Yes, there are medical uses for vibrators.

In fact, as this article reminds us, vibrators were originally designed to treat “hysteria” in women. This has always led me to imagine a lot of women faking “hysteria” in order to go visit the doctor, who presumably knew where the clitoris is and how to treat it. I mean, hey, when I went without orgasms for too long, I get pretty grouchy, too. I wonder if “hysteria” was just fancy term for “raving bitch” back then?

I’ve used orgasms to treat headaches, sinus infections and even sleeplessness. What have YOU used your sex toys to treat?


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  1. Captain Jamie Hunter October 8, 2007 at 1:41 pm · ·

    I’ve used my electro stimulation box with pinwheel to treat tennis elbow. And it worked too.

  2. hysteria referred to in general the mental state of women after staying at home(bored out of their skulls, “being a good wife” (serve dinner, clean the house and don’t talk) and never enjoying sex. its why the procedure to remove the uterus is call is “hysterectomy”. a common procedure way back when to ‘cure hysterics’. i think they usually removed the ovaries too….

    i use my vibrator to shut my mind down and go to sleep.

  3. Donut Rooter October 8, 2007 at 6:02 pm · ·

    I’ve used my vibrator to treat menstrual cramps. 🙂

  4. I’ve used it to ameliorate depression for years.

    Gxouzi: Great folk etymology. Check your facts first next time. The causality is backwards from how you imagined it: “hysteria” was so named because the uterus was seen as the source of the various female problems covered by that “diagnosis”.

  5. …. d@mn. sorry. =\

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