Ducky DoolittleNotes from Ducky Dolittle’s session at Sex 2.0:

  • Ducky started doing peep shows on 42nd Street and spent a lot of time being ashamed of her work. Then she met Annie Sprinkle and decided to become an educator. Got her GED and set out to create an army of sex educators to invade the world.
  • Ducky talks money: sex educators need to talk to each other to compare notes on what and how they were paid for certain gigs and share notes about the most reliable clients
  • It’s on sex educators to create a standard that others can look up to: we need accreditation
  • The trials of choosing a sponsor–we need to get paid for our speaking (and no one makes money from a book) but we don’t always get to choose each toy that the sponsors promote. What do you think of Sue Johanson or Dr. Ruth? The point: have a critical eye to content and talk to other educators.
  • Dr. Ruth still maintains a private practice three days a week–very few can make a full-time salary as a sex educator
  • “The number one way we learn anything in life is through gossip.” We all have the ability to be great sex educators if we take the time to listen to others.
  • Who is your favorite sex educator and why? Answering these questions will help guide your path as a sex educator. Who came up in the session as fave educators: Heather Corinna, Betty Dodson, Dan Savage

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