Show Notes for Polyamory Weekly #19:

This week’s edition is all-listener-directed, all the time! We tickle issues of using tokens or actions to distinguish poly relationships, of dealing with metamours we don’t especially like, of facing prejudices towards the poly lifestyle, and we even finish up by asking if anyone has gone mono after being poly and why.

Questions? Comments? Email minx at or call the listener comment line at 206-600-5677. Thanks for listening!

00-5:15 Listener mail: tech issues, including volume, pictures and intro/outro music
5:15-13:15 Distinguishing one poly relationship from another by using actions or tokens. Tacit’s excellent poly resource site is at
13:30-15:20 Should we change the tag line for Poly Weekly? and some listener suggestions of new tag lines!
15:20-21:20 Takanami’s frubble story, what he learned, the issue of veto power, and keeping balance with metamours that we may not like all that much.
21:20-25:15 Takanami’s coming-out story, workplace issues and questions about facing poly prejudice.
25:15-end Yet another topic to throw out there: has anyone gone mono after being poly? If so, why?



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