Coming up on this week’s Polyamory Weekly: thoughts on luck in America, a listener’s first frubble, poly cards in the offing? A taste of poly smut, facing monogamy, jealousy as a refrigerator, and a poly mission statement.

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00-2:15 Introduction. updates
Introduction, under-18 warning and redirection to

2:15-9:20 Comments: More on being lucky
comments on being “lucky” and points out preexisting socioeconomic conditions that make some folks less than lucky others to begin with, and Jason continues the discussion by giving a nod of credit to that train of thought and elaborates on his original letter.

9:20-9:50 Listener mail
JM writes in, so welcome to our new listeners from Violet Blue!

9:50-12:25 Listener mail: R writes in about arguments, frubble and Spider Robinson
R says minx is the voice in the back of his head (!!); he shares the story of his first frubbly feeling; our official plug for Spider Robinson’s The Callahan Chronicles.

12:25-14:00 Listener mail: “I hate you days”
Brent comments on having “I hate you days” and on how labelling these feelings helped his and L’s relationship.

14:00-15:40 Listener mail: Secret Lover cards
Listener Randy wrote in to let us know that his friend C did write the company and request poly-friendly “Secret Lover” cards that were just as beautiful and passionate as the original collection!

15:40-16:55 Listener mail: Smut!
Brent recommends Morgan Hawkes’ Victorious Star and Fallen Star, published through Loose ID, and Fortune’s Star, a novella published in the anthology Hard Candy.

16:55-20:20 Sam provides poly erotica!
I read my favorite bit from Sam’s submisison that is less about action and more about showing passion and bodily reaction. The full text, reprinted with permission, is Three on the Fourth (or a Private Woodstock)

Call me Samuel. My wife Faith and I had been poly about a year when this happened. She had been dating Vince most of that time and he and I were good friends, it was obvious to me that he cared deeply for her and he loved going dancing with Faith, leaving me home to watch Sci Fi shows she wasn’t interested in and to program.

Anyone who saw us together regularly enough would know that there was a stronger bond than just friendship. Three way hugs were common and Faith deeply kissing both of us in public was not uncommon.

It became obvious to us that even though Vince and I had no interest in each other we would eventually have a threesome one morning after Vince had spent the night with us. A good morning kiss and an accidentaly exposed nipple lead to a lot of happy squirming and moaning on Faiths part, but not to the “final event”.

I guess I should describe each of us. Well, first I should say that Faith has a type, long dark haired thin men pretty much covers the physical part. The describes both Vince and me, except I usually have a goatee and he wears wire rimmed glasses. Faith is about five foot two, one hundred fifteen well toned pounds, small breasts and a tattoo on her right shoulder.

After a good Fourth of July party with plenty of margaritas and fireworks, Faith, Vince and I returned to our place and pretty much as soon as we got there Faith looked at us with a slightly tipsy look and said “If you guys are up to it, I’m just drunk enough to be up for a threesome.” Well, being two guys very much in love with and hot for her, that was all the convincing we needed.

We both grabbed her and began fondling her, she was facing Vince and their mouths were locked together, one of his hands massaging her firm ass. I has a hand under her shirt and bra playing with her nipple while I nibbled on her neck. Faith pulled away from Vince a little to let out an appreciated moan and I took the opportunity to spin her around and begin kissing and invading her mouth with my tongue.

This back and forth went on for a few minutes until Faith decided it was time to get more serious and get into bed.

Vince and I joined her and continued the back and forth of fondling and kissing pushing her top up. Vince was watching me for cues as to what was acceptable, I watched Faith and slowly progressed. First we kissed and fondled her going back and forth one of us kissing her passionately while the other made lazy circles around her breast slowly moving toward the aureole and the nipple.

Then I moved it to the next level by trading my fingers for my tongue while Vince was kissing Faith. Her nipples were hard with excitement to begin with but this made them positively crinkly as I moved around and around finally descending with a light nip to her nipple and then using my lips to cover my teeth I bit down and pulled her breast up until she moaned with pleasure. After this I went to kiss Faith while Vince used his own techniques to pleasure her through her breast.

Similar exchanges went on each time our hands explored a little more of Faith’s body, slowly lifting her skirt and stroking up her legs to her plain black cotton covered pubis mons, rubbing her labia and clit. After about 20 minutes Faith could stand no more and pushed us away long enough to strip off her clothes.

After she was nude, the process began again and when I was kissing Faith, I slid a finger down her body and in between her labia then I brought it back up tracing a lovely scented trail and she and I sniffed and shared the taste. On Vince’s turn he did the same and we shifted our concentration to Faiths errogenous zones, one kissing and fingering the other stroking and licking, back and forth for about 10 minutes, then I pushed a little farther and rather than licking Faiths breast, I moved slowly down her stomach to her crotch and I began to lick her outer labia and then I pulled them apart, rubbing my nose against her clit while I stuck my tongue into her vagina. All the while Vince was passionately kissing her and stroking her breast, pulling her nipples. I don’t think she could tell us which one of is was causing which moan or gasp. But the pleasure built and slowly Faith pushed Vince away so she could concentrate on the building orgasm and how her body shook when she finally came.

We all pulled in close taking a short break while Faith recovered, there was some more kissing and fondling for a few minutes, then Vince went between Faith’s legs.

I love the scent of sex, Faith’s, mine. It was amazing kissing her while she built to another orgasm, her scent strong in my nose already, the flush that came over her body, the shivers afterwards. It’s amazing seeing her smile at me and another man at the same time. She was floating on a cloud. After a few minutes of glowing following her Vince induced orgasm, I stood up and took off my clothes.

I positioned myself between Faith’s legs and as I leaned forward I realized that Vince was lying right there next to my wife. I had a decision to make, I could either brace myself in a manner to exclude him from an incredibly intimate moment or I could spread my arms a little wider and pull him in to the moment. It was a predetermined choice I pulled them both close as I began to slowly piston in and out of my wife. A warm tightness building in my scrotum then pumping out a few intimate loving minutes later.

After I recovered and moved off of Faith, she welcomed Vince into her arms and legs and he welcomed us both into his arms. Slowly building to the comically beautiful face every man makes when draining semen into his lover.

If there is anything more intimate and loving than sharing two carefully built orgasms with one person you love, it is sharing four with two people you love. I know my universe had collapsed to the top of that futon and all it contained was happy sweaty people loving each other and being loved in return. It was amazing and I may never experience it again, but I was there once and that is all it takes to believe wholeheartedly in the power of love.

20:20-21:00 Listener mail: label no more!

21:00-26:45 Listener mail: poly to monogamous transition
Listener A writes in to relate the judgmental attitudes she faced from family, lovers and community when she and her lover opted for a monogamous relationship after being poly. minx comments on tolerance in general and how to remain friends with those you feel are making a mistake.

26:45-29:30 Topic: and ‘s Mission Statement
During a long afternoon of painful relationship negotiation, Graydancer and minx brainstormed individual answers to the questions, “Why are you poly?” and “What do you get from being being poly?” and created their own mission statement for Graydancer and minx as a poly couple.

  • We believe that love and sexuality are abundant and renewable resources and positive modes of self-expression that come in many forms.
  • We believe that emotional intimacy requires brutal honesty, extensive introspection, and willing vulnerability.
  • We believe that doing this emotional work enables us to be more generous, caring, kind, compassionate and whole individuals.
  • We celebrate our connections with friends and lovers through mutual support and shared joy.

    29:30-30:05 Topic: Mistresse Matisse gives us a grin
    If you want to feel refreshed and validated and go “awww!”, read this re-posting of Mistresse Matisse of how she met and feel in love with her partner of six years.

    30:05- Topic: Tacit’s article on jealousy and refrigerators
    Tacit’s article on jealousy

    Topic: On coming out
    Props to Amy Gahran for opting to come out (in a polite, subtle way) as poly in her professional blog. What a great model for coming out in an honest but non-jingoistic way. Her personal/poly blog is here. Not prurient in the least, so if you’re looking for smut, stay here or go to Open Source Sex.

    Resource: smut
    One podcast suggestion: Pizza Babe is here.

    Like the intro/outro music? It’s by a band called Pacemaker Jane out of Ohio. Go buy their stuff!


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