The new Polyamory Weekly #29How To Get Ex Boyfriend Back > is up!

Coming up on this week’s show: more poly resources, how NOT to be a slut, poly singers, and an interview with RatBastid on breakin’ up is hard to do.

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0:00-1:20 Introduction
Intro, under-18 warning and re-direction to

1:20-6:00 Announcements and Resources

6:00-11:15 Listener mail: how do you come out as poly and NOT seem like a slut?
Jason in Virginia asks about how to come out and not get hit on, and minx calls for advice from listeners.

11:15-13:15 Topic: a non-human S.O.?
Ganked from –does WoW count as an additional S.O.? minx comments on hobbies/addictions as S.O.’s within a poly family.

13:15-16:45 Listener mail: labels
Badsnake wrote in to share her family’s various labels, including “Emergency Backup Girlfriends,” “Special Friend” and “the Sidedish,” as well as her preference for the terms “primary” and “secondary.”

16:45-18:40 Listener mail: living honorably and Zen
comments on with “hoping” that others will react to our living honorably.

18:40-37:50 Interview with RatBastid: breakin’ up is hard to do
RatBastid shares his story of how he and his wife expanded past monogamy with another couple and how he came to be able to deal with the wife of that couple, D, breaking up with him but continuing to see his wife. And he shares how he decided what he stands for and was able eventually to feel frubble for his wife and her lover.

37:50-39:40 Listener mail: finding poly through the internet
Woodrant wrote in about finding polyamory through the internet; a special welcome to our Violet Blue and Fleshbot listeners

39:40-42:00 Wrap-up
Upcoming interviews: Susan Wright of NCSF will come on to discuss poly vs. swinging and coming-out tips; and I will be discussing poly and spirituality/ethics soon as well.

If you like the intro/outro music, check out Pacemaker Jane, a cool band out of Ohio.


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