The new Polyamory Weekly #31 is up!

Coming up on this week’s show: poly living arrangements, Big Love, and by the way, Dr. Ruth says there’s no such thing as bisexuals.

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0:00-2:10 Introduction
Intro, under-18 warning and re-direction to And welcome to our all-too-infrequent co-host, my dearest lover, , host of the Rope Weekly podcast.

2:10-3:15 Announcements: Yahoo and sluts
Yahoo’s podcast directory, at, censors minx’s show descriptions!

3:15-14:10 Listener mail: poly living arrangements, religion and Heinlein
writes in to ask about poly living arrangements; corrects minx’s previous comment about being “fully-clothed” during the scene with Janet Hardy; Brent N. writes in about poly ethics, religion and control and minx comments on personalized religions; an Australian listener discovers the term “polyamory” and frightens by mentioning Heinlein.

14:10-16:50 Announcements: PW sponsorship
OK, folks, let’s give it a shot. Wanna hear your name on the air and send minx to upcoming poly conferences to speak? Now offering sponsorships at $25 per episode (downloaded on average nearly 1,500 times) in exchange for up to a one-minute promo of you, your business, your favorite rant, whatever! For more info, email minx at Thanks!

16:50-26:50 Topic: Dr. Ruth says there are no bisexuals!
Graydancer and minx discuss bisexuality, dualism and labels in some interesting (read: bad!) fake accents. Thanks to for bringing this to my attention and for writing such a delightfully snarky response to her “you’re either straight or gay” proclamation. Graydancer tells a military story and brings up resentment for by-choice bisexuals from some gay folks.

26:50-31:45 Topic: Poly in the media: HBO’s “Big Love”
What do we think of the upcoming 2006 sitcom, Big Love on HBO about a polygamous Mormon family? Here’s the article, and the CNN article on the upcoming show. Graydancer, being raised Mormon, throws in a few thoughts about the foundations of polygamy.

31:45-33:40 Announcements: Interview, sponsorships
minx’s interview is up on Polyamory Percolations site, and BTW, any sponsorship $$ goes to minx’s poly travel fund.

33:40-34:50 Wrap-up
Stay tuned for upcoming interviews with poly-friendly authors, and Graydancer and minx run off to have sex. 🙂

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