The new Polyamory Weekly #32 is up!

Coming up on this week’s show: poly living, poly dating, those crazy Mormons, poly dating, poly conferences, poly in the media, a poly sponsor and communication wisdom.

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0:00-2:30 Introduction
Intro, under-18 warning and re-direction to And yay for the White Sox winning the World Series!

2:30-4:20 Announcements: Polyamory Weekly has its first sponsor!
Chias of Polyamory Percolations is PW’s very first sponsor; woo hoo!

4:20-Listener mail: territory in poly living arrangements, Heinlein; poly dating in tight-knit groups; Mormon polygamy
4:20 Marq wrote in and minx muses about territory in poly living arrangements
8:45 Johnbear wrote in about Heinlein as his first and only model for communal living
9:45 and minx discuss dealing with rejecting poly advances
13:55Khayman corrects some Mormon teachings regarding polygamy. He recommends Fawn M. Brodie’s “No Man Knows My History
and “Under the Banner of Heaven” for accurate histories of polygamy in the Mormon church.
15:55Brent writes in about Dr. Ruth, and minx recommends Sue Johansen as her favorite elderly sexpert.
17:15 Brodie comments on the interview.
18:00Kayman comments that the books he recommended are actually quite Mormon-friendly, although those within the church characterize them as smear campaigns.
18:30 Brian’s audio story of an older generation of poly and minx’s comments on the mass media affecting perceptions of relationship trends.

22:15-24:20 Poly in the media: a radio show on monogamy
Michael Baisden’s radio show, Love, Lust & Lies on KissFM, did a series of shows on nonmonogamy. The MP3s can be downloaded here.

24:20-29:55 Topic: Communication and argument wisdom
Thanks to K for her “random musings” on communication and arguments. So true, every one!

29:55-35:45 Announcements

35:45-end Wrap-up
Stay tuned for upcoming interviews with Susan Wright of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, Stephen Elliott and Sean David Wright.

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