The new Polyamory Weekly #33 is up!

Coming up on this week’s show: Heinlein, labels, writing erotica and a special interview with BDSM/poly-friendly author, Stephen Elliott.

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0:00-1:30 Introduction
Intro, under-18 warning and re-direction to

1:30-Listener mail: Heinlein, rejection in poly dating, poly living situations,
1:30 Vannevar Morgan writes in about his issues with Heinlein and his own suggestions for poly-friendly authors as well as a few comments about labels.
3:30 Badsnake writes in about the power of a simple, “No, thanks.”
6:00 Marq comments about going in to a poly living situation with eyes wide open.
7:30 Paul and Sowren from Australia send in an audio comment! They mention Polyamory Percolations
12:25Melissa and Brandon set up a Polyamory Weekly Frappr Map. Play now if you’re bored!

13:30-17:45 Poly erotica: advice from Susie Bright’s blog
14:15 wrote in with the probably identity of the pope that died of seminal backup–see Wikipedia article here. Susie Bright references Scooter Libby’s erotic writing tour in her blog entry here; great advice for erotica writers!

17:45-18:50 Topic: Poly in the Media: polygamous Judge
The news article is here,

18:50-52:50 Interview: Stephen Elliott
Stephen Elliott, author of Happy Baby, shares his motivations for writing the novel and for his entry into BDSM, his healthy and unhealthy BDSM relationships, his recent entry into poly, his views on poly and BDSM scening, and his upcoming erotica and political essays.

52:50-end Wrap-up
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If you like the intro/outro music, check out Pacemaker Jane, a cool band out of Ohio.


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