The new Polyamory Weekly #40 is up! Direct download is here.

Coming up on this week’s show: minx can die happy; she’s in Penthouse!; Pagan Polyamory; threesomes; and swingers, soccer and Montel Williams.

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0:00-1:10 Introduction
Intro, under-18 warning and re-direction to

1:10-7:00 Announcements: W00t! We’re in Penthouse Forum!
Check out pages 50-56 of the February 2006 edition of Penthouse Forum for Rachel Kramer Bussel’s article on adult podcasts, “Adult Podcasts: the XXX Wave of the Future,” including references to yours truly, ‘s Rope Weekly podcast, and of course Fetish Flame and Violet Blue’s Open Source Sex.

7:00-8:30 Announcement: PW HAS MOVED ITS FEED!
Poly Weekly’s new site is at, and the new feed is iTunes will be updated soon, but to update by hand, just go into iTunes, click on the “Advanced” tab and then “Subscribe to podcast” and type “” into the box provided. Voila! Archives of 2005’s shows 1-39 will remain on

8:30-10:40 Announcements

  • Takanami has a new vidcast for his Coloring Outside the Lines podcast here. No, it’s not work-safe!
  • Sean David Wright, author of Two for One, has decided to donate a portion of the profits from the sales of his book to the International Lesbian and Gay Association. Find out more at

10:40-24:25 Listener mail:
Goose and Gander of write in to torture minx with a James Marsters story; 12:10 minx reads some relevant thoughts/advice from Raven Kaldera’s Pagan Polyamory to address Simon’s issue of feeling ganged up on in discussions with his partners; 18:15 Cosmic comments on Dr. Ruth’s statement that there are no bisexuals; 19:35 Simon muses about MMF threesomes

24:25-26:05 Resource: Poly-friendly sci-fi author
Alex Mead wrote in to let us know about his books, McEmpire and Relations and SMASH YOUR TV! at

26:05-40:05 Topic: Poly in the media
Soccer Parents Upset Swinger Party at Same Hotel. The link to the same article via AP is here. NCSF’s correctional press release on this non-article is here.
31:00 The Weekly Standard Article, “Here Come the Brides,” is here, and you can read journalists’ and bloggers responses to it at the Poly and Proud blog here.
33:05 The Montel Williams show on polyamory restored my faith in the media! (or gave me some to begin with) Check it out at PolyamorousNYC under the Resources tab if you haven’t seen it already. This is definitely the intelligent, questioning yet open-minded type of treatment that polyamory deserves!

And BTW, the new bumper music is an absolutely hysterical song called “Shop Vac” about… yes, shop vacs, by Jonathan Coulton on Podcast NYC. Donwload and listen to the whole thing!

40:05-end Wrap-up
Remember to change your feed to!

Coming up in future shows: interview with a poly practitioner with thoughts on raising children in a poly family; and poly erotica.

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If you like the intro/outro music, check out Pacemaker Jane, a cool band out of Ohio.


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