Show Notes for Polyamory Weekly:

This week’s edition features listener mail and discussions of different communication styles; how it’s NOT all about the sex; what kind of geek minx is exactly; and the long-awaited second half of the interview with Graydancer and Genevieve discussing dealing with NRE. Try out the NEW listener comment line at 206-600-5677 or email your comments, questions and feedback to

The article on compersion, Compersion, Changes & Love by Deirdre M. Murphy is available online from the Polyamory Society at

The general number for Apple is 408-996-1010 if you’d like to call and request that Poly Weekly be availalbe on the iTunes podcasting directory.

And, of course, our new listener comment line is at 206-600-5677 if you’d like to call in with a question or a comment!

Graydancer’s podcast, Rope Weekly, is available at or through the iTunes podcasting directory–just search for “Rope Weekly.”

Thanks for listening, and your comments, questions and feedback for improving the show are welcome!


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