I caught a cold this week. It’s worse now, after five straight days of speaking and presentations for a client, leading to one achy, exhausted, no-time-to-herself minx. I have gone through half a box of Kleenex today, and I can’t hear because my ears seem to be stuffed with cotton. Oh, and there is this painful high-pitched buzzing in them, too.

Yeah, I’m SO looking forward to getting on a plane tonight. Right.

Oh, and did I mention I’m at work today? 🙁

And after a week with essentials-only internet, I came back to an inbox full of “Hey, where’s the rest of PW?” in addition to hundreds of emails I HAVE to answer. Oh, dear. After working soooo hard after a long show day to stay up and record, edit, convert and post the show, LibSyn crashed during the overnight upload (it takes about 20 minutes to load the file, 40 if it’s long, and I was too tired to stay up past 8:30 p.m.). I didn’t notice when I went to post the file the next morning, so many loyal listeners soon discovered the ultimate teaser: apparently two minutes into the interview, the episode cuts off. [sigh] I’m glad people told me, and I’m glad I could fix it.

I’m just tired. And sick. And sniffly, stuffy and deaf.

My apologies to PW listeners who wrote in and got one- or two-sentence responses this week. It’s my job that sapped my time and energy and left me sick. Gal’s gotta pay the mortgage, ya know?


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