Wow. If I haven’t said so lately, you listeners ROCK!

I haven’t checked Poly Weekly’s stats in a while, and you guys blew me away when I checked today. Last year, we averaged about 2,000 downloads per show after three weeks. Now, I see that Tacit‘s interview here and here, the Negotiations Roundtable, and other back episodes are all already well over 3,000 downloads! In fact, our average is now closer to 2,500.

(BTW, for a great summary of Tacit’s interviews, check out Alan’s review on Polyamorous Percolations)

Yes, I’m a stats whore. 🙂 But this is my big thank-you for listening, for telling your friends, for Digging, linking to, donating to and generally supporting Polyamory Weekly.

[group hug] [boob flash]

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  1. Congrats. Have you considered moving beyond having a tip jar and an Amazon store? 3,000 unique views per month on average is a good number, and you could make money advertising.

  2. Um, sure, I’ll advertise!… know any sponsors?

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