Poly Weekly #202: Poly History 101 (Oberon Zell)

Oberon ZellThis week’s Poly Weekly #202: Poly History 101 with Oberon Zell.

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0:00 Introduction and host chat
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PolyCamp Ontario is August 14-16th

3:00 Poly History 101 with Oberon Zell Ravenheart
Oberon starts off by going way back and how he was always non-monogamous.
Oberon talks about reading “Stranger in a Strange Land” in 1961 and talks about what the book is about.

15:30 Oberon talks about becoming “water brothers” with people after reading the book.

19:00 He then talks about meeting his wife in 1973

21:55 Oberon talks about starting “Green Egg” magazine in 1990.

23:40 He then talks about the origin of the article “A Bouquet of Lovers”

25:00 Oberon talks about going to a New Age convention.

26:00 The first poly conference is talked about.

27:00 and then we learn where the word “polyamory” came from.

30:28 Happy Poly Moment of the Week
Ravenheart called in and talked about how her relationship was not only able to survive a major incident but
has grown.
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