PW 474: Recapturing your innocence

How do you recapture your innocence after being hurt or abused?4820153_m

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1:00 Host chat

3:30 Poly in the News

Polyamory made my marriage better—and it might make my divorce better, too

8:20 Topic: Recapturing your innocence

A listener writes in to ask how to go back to being that carefree, open person after you’ve been hurt or abused? How do you recapture that openness and stop fearing and mistrusting everyone?

23:25 Feedback

A listener calls in to ask where to find a poly glossary. More Than Two has one, and Opening Up is always a great resource.

25:15 Happy Poly Moment

Heather shares a happy poly moment involving metamour appreciation and good dental hygiene!

30:00 Wrap up

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Help! I’m insecure about my umet long-distance metamour!


I identify as monogamous and in a poly relationship. My boyfriend of several months has been in a long-distance open relationship with his girlfriend on the East Coast for nearly a decade. I’ve been working on my user manual and communicating my needs, but we don’t yet have the line of communication open with my metamour. Because I have never met her, never spoken to her, never even reached out and Facebook-messaged her, in my mind, she’s just this perfect goddess I can’t even hold a candle to. I make comparisons to her, and so I’m afraid that given a choice, my boyfriend will always choose her and I’ll be left behind somehow. How do I stop putting my metamour on an impossible platform and release some of those anxieties?

Insecure on the West Coast

Dear Insecure—

First of all, let’s acknowledge that you’re doing a great job of doing the work and owning your shit! You’re taking positive steps by writing your user manual and setting up regular relationship check-ins with your boyfriend. And you’re also acknowledging that your fears are probably unrealistic and might not have much to do with reality. Bravo! Those are all positive steps to dealing with your fears.

But let’s also acknowledge that you have a few things working against you: being monogamous in a poly relationship, being in a long-distance relationship and being new to polyamory are each significant challenges on their own, and you’re trying to tackle all three in the same new relationship! That is a lot to take on.

And you’re absolutely right: those voices that tell you she is prettier, thinner or more successful than you are coming from within you and typically don’t have much to do with reality. Those are your fears to own and most likely not spawned by anything external to your own head and past experiences.

While you’re already doing everything right, I do have two recommendations. The first is to take your fear cycle to its maximum ridiculous silliness by filling in the blanks:

I’m afraid that if ____ is the case, that will mean _____ and I’ll ____  and then ____.

If the last blank isn’t “and then I die alone,” add more blanks until you get to that point of silliness. Remember that your fears come from within you and typically have very little to do with reality, so let’s take this to the worst-case scenario to bring those silly fears into the light.  For example:

I’m afraid that if she is prettier and more successful than me, that will mean that I’ll always be second fiddle, and he’ll eventually figure that out and choose her over me, and then I’ll be single again, and then I’ll be heartbroken and pathetic and eventually die alone.

If your final blank isn’t something as final as “and then I die alone,” keep asking, “and then what?” until it is.

The second recommendation is to reach out to your metamour on Skype or Facebook or whatever in advance of a face-to-face. Skype communication is better than no communication and can help put the chattering monkeys to bed. And why not even be vulnerable and tell her how you are feelings–that you are insecure because she seems so pretty, thin and successful? She will most likely take it as a compliment, and you’ll feel better for having extended trust by being honest and a bit vulnerable with your metamour.

Poly Weekly #174: Fearless communication

This week Poly Weekly #174: how do I speak up when I’m afraid of confrontation?; fearless communication.

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0:00 Introduction and host chat
Intro, under-18 warning and re-direction to; friend me on Twitter and answer questions about what you want on the show, call 206-202-POLY with comments or discuss your own topics at the forums at

4:20 our topic today “fearless communication is based on an email from mzadi.  The question is, how does one communicate when one is not comfortable communicating?

6:25 Minx talks about the need to be assertive in any relationship.  (what you want is important! -FS)

7:30 MInx talks about a friend with a different communication style than herself

8:30 there is a difference between assertive and aggresive.

9:00 the importance of honesty and confidence.

9:50 yelling happens, if it is necessary you an get used to it.

10:45 to get what you want you need to bring it up in a assertive and confident manner.

Topic: How do I speak up when I fear confrontation?

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