PW 358: There’s an app for that!

What are the best apps for poly folks?

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1:00 Announcements

10:50 Topic: There’s an App for That

  • Suggested poly apps from listeners: Google Calendar, OK Cupid, Facebook, SnapChat, Words with Friends, Skype, Zello, a long-range walkie-talkie app; What’s App, a way to consolidate chats with friends and lovers with no SMS charges or logging into various platforms
  • Apps I found in the iTunes app store: My marriage coach; Sex Tracker; Couple
  • What we want to develop: a positive feedback relationship app to give points to your loved ones when they are awesome. Talented developers interested in helping out contact LustyGuy on FetLife.

23:30 Happy Poly Moment

Paul shares a moment of recognizing an opportunity to pamper his Mistress.

25:15 Feedback

Marshe wrote in to explain Culture Warrior is an evangelical term referring to Christians who feel the U.S. mainstream culture is too secular and should be battled against.

Wrap up

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iPhone apps for sex-positive educators

Be sex-geektastic with these nifty iPhone camera apps

Freshly back from CatalystCon, quite a few folks had asked for information on the camera apps I was using at the conference to keep the social media stream fun and lively. This post is for the social media geeks and geek wannabes. 🙂 Most of these apps are free or $.99, so, assuming you have the iPhone already, they’re pretty low-budget-friendly.

Of course, if you are at an event, always be sure to ask for permission before taking someone’s photo and before posting publicly to a social media site. Many of our favorite activists and educators can’t be photographed publicly in a sex-positive environment for fear of losing their jobs, so always check first!

Five iPhone camera apps for the con

IncrediBooth fun with Cunning Minx and SexNerdSandra

Incredibooth from Synthetic, LLC. Remember those photo booths that populated boardwalks and pizza restaurants of our childhoods? You’d squeeze in one with your best friend, press your heads together and take four wacky photos in quick succession. Why? Because back then, cameras were bulky and required skill to use, and we didn’t all carry them around with us all the time. Incredibooth is a fun iPhone camera app that lets you relive that childhood fun, minus the cramped, smelly booth. The red curtain swings back, the red light blinks, and you and your buddy take four shots in 20 seconds, all captured in good, old-fashioned black-and-white glory. Get your photos, grab some popcorn and cotton candy and then hit the Ferris wheel! (Thanks to SexNerdSandra for trying it out with me!)

CatalystCon Ptch

Ptch is the free app that I used to instantly create this one-minute CatalystCon video with music bed sharing my CatalystCon experience. It allows the user to mix photos from your photo album immediately with music and styles into a fun short video. Creating a Ptch is pretty easy: drag your favorite photos or video clips, add captions if desired and select a style such as “matte,” “epic” or “vivid” to personalize the video. Then choose a song from the app’s music list. Ptches can be shared by email or posted publicly to social media sites Twitter and Facebook (no Pinterest yet, sadly). Making a video in five minutes flat? Pretty amazing!


Megan Andelloux on Autograph This!

Autograph This Wanna be a star or just feel like one? Don’t laugh; someone at a recent event actually asked for an autographed picture, and my first reaction was, “I bet there is an app for that!” And indeed there is, for .99 from Vamp Apps. Autograph This allows the user to either use an existing Photo Album photo or take a new one and then sign it with a finger using light or dark “ink,” whichever has the best contrast to the photo’s background. The photo can then be posted to social networks or sent via private message. Run into someone famous? Snap a pic and ask him/her to sign with a finger. Someone thinks you’re famous? No more carrying those pesky 8×10 glossies around; just use your finger! (Thanks to Megan Andelloux for the demo autograph!)


Sex and the Media panel on FrameLens #ccon

FrameLens is a nifty $.99 app that creates an instant collage as you snap photos. It’s a great alternative to the “here are four people at a lunch table” shot. Choose a frame of three, four or more and tap each frame to instantly snap a photo! I found this app very helpful for shooting panels: use the bigger shot to show the whole panel and the smaller frames for close-ups of each speaker.  You can also pull photos off an album and even add captions and change the color or frame. Try it at your next lunch, dinner or conference for a more active and vibrant way to capture the spirit of the event.

PowerCam is a free iPhone camera app that enables the user to apply instant, live filters and effects to images and video BEFORE and WHILE shooting them. What you see on the screen before you snap the shot is what you get. What I love about this app is the ability to apply over 50 live filters (such as neon outline, sepia, watercolor sketch) to live photos and videos before you take them. It’s like having Photoshop on your phone for every picture and video. Also, the app allows for easy sharing to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and you can save the photos to your iPhone native photo gallery.

Poly Weekly #178: Five Things to Say on a Date

This week Poly Weekly #178:Five Things to Say on a Date.

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0:00 Introduction and host chat
Intro, under-18 warning and re-direction to; friend me on Twitter and answer questions about what you want on the show, call 206-202-POLY with comments or discuss your own topics at the forums at

(burlycon kicked my ass so I am way behind on shownotes.  Lets see if we can fix that.)

8:30 10 Things Not To Say On A First Date
Minx goes through the list talking about what she agrees with and what she disagrees with.

17:26 5 Things To Say On A First Date&lt
Minx has created a list of things to say on a first date.  She walks us through each one of these.
SeroLynne’s blog entry on how to start a group
New Dublin munch
Expansive Loving group
ZA poly South African munch
Stitcher Radio iphone app
Podcast Awards

10 Things Not to Say on a First Date

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