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I’m not sure everyone will be able to see this, but the lovely SweetAinsley wrote up a summary of the presentation from last weekend’s TNGC meeting, with Jack Rinella speaking on Better Blow Jobs. Her summary is fantastic, with resources at the end, to boot!

You don’t have to be kinky to get a lot out of this information!

[Edit: SweetAinsley has unlocked the post and also kindly gave permission for it to be reprinted here:]

Better Blow Jobs, a talk at TNGC by Jack RinellaJack Rinella

In his talk, Mr. Rinella didn’t talk about the technique of giving head to a man so much as the attitude one brings to the table. (And we never did get a chance to practice.) A good blow job requires the sucker to be hungry for the cock, but it is more than just sucking. And while quicky blow jobs might be nice once in a while, it’s generally better to take you’re time. Especially don’t treat it as a chore that you want to finish as soon as possible.

Cock sucking is best approached with a holistic approach. The physical and emotional state of both partners will influence the experience, as will the environment. The more you pay attention to all of the influences, the better you’ll be able to block out what you don’t want and incorporate what you do. You can create a full body experience by engaging every sense and incorporating visualizations.

Each partner may engage their full body during a blow job by using their hands or feet to massage (or inflict pain upon, etc.) other parts of the body at the same time. (The nipples, for instance, can be seen as little penises that are wired to the cock.) One way of paying attention to his whole body is to begin by kissing his feet. Slowly lick up his legs and down his arms, paying attention to his extremities before getting to his midsection.

When you get to the cock, don’t engulf it right away. Smell it, breathe it in, stroke it with your tongue, and hold it quietly in your mouth. Guppie suck by focusing on just on the tip of the head. Add kisses and flutter licks. It’s possible to use your teeth gently in a way that doesn’t hurt. Vary things like speed, pressure, movement. Try to stroke up and down with a hand while bobbing your head. Lick and squeeze his nuts. Stroke his ass with hands; get a finger wet and rub his ass hole. Experiment with other things in your mouth at the same time like flavored lube or pop rocks.

What if you have a problem with your gag reflex? Work on it by practicing slowly. When you feel like you’re gagging, the urge is to pull back dramatically. Don’t. Pull back only about 1/4”. Breathe, relax, and do nothing until you’re comfortable in that position. Then try to increase the depth. However, you don’t have to take it all in. Deep throating does not necessarily mean a great blow job. Accept what you’re body can do, and work within your limitations.

As the suckee, you may increase your pleasure by practicing orgasm control where you can learn to enjoy orgasm without ejaculation. (However, if you hold back, it’s helpful to tell the sucker so that they don’t fear a lack of skill and become discouraged.)

Safety note: Avoid giving head if you’re mouth is bleeding, or there are open sores. Don’t brush your teeth or floss beforehand, as this may irritate your gums. Herpes, syphilis, HPV, hepatitis, and gonorrhea can be passed between partners during oral sex. (Flavored condoms are made especially for oral sex.)

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