Poly Leadership Summit, Day 1

One of the first challenges faced at the Poly Leadership Summit was one of privacy. Many of us activists need a level of privacy because of our jobs or family lives, and there is a reason these summits to date are going on behind closed doors–because these discussions are creative, explorative and most likely, quite messy. Some of us use pseudonyms and must hide our names, voices or faces. Others are out publicly and have no objection to photos, videos or audio recordings.

Most interesting to me was that the privacy policy covered audio and video recording, journalists and photos but not blogging, live blogging or Twittering. Fortunately, everyone agreed that as long as we abided by the previous privacy guidelines, blog postings after the event were OK.

My favorite of the answers to what do you want to come out of this meeting with? Tacit’s “to have the AFF foaming at the mouth at the polyamorous agenda”!

Great get to know you activities and quick answers to what each of us thinks is important for the future of the movement. Everyone is coming at this from a slightly different angle, and I think there is a lot of power in that.

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