499: Coming out to your doctor

How and when to come out to your doctorwhat your doctor needs to know about your poly lifestyle

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1:30 Announcements

6:30 Poly in the news

Why poly is so feminist

9:30 Topic: Coming out to your doctor

With cohost Koe Creation.

  • What your doctors need to know
    • The gender of the people you have sex with
    • The number of people you have sex with
    • What you use in terms of barriers and birth control
    • Any health conditions or concerns that you or your partners have that might affect the experience of identifying or treating an STI
  • How and when to come out and which doctors to come out to
  • Minx’s advice to doctors about intake questions that will help the patient feel more comfortable revealing their relationship orientation and sexual identity
  • 28:10 Advocating for the type of STI testing you want and why “test for everything” isn’t clear enough
    • Model “reactive” and “non-reactive” versus “clean” or “positive”

36:30 Happy poly moment

J shares a wonderful holiday happy poly moment

38:30 Thanks!

Thanks to Jason, Doug and Zoya for their generous donations this month!

39:30 How to make this podcast better

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Seriously, my doctor prescribed the Rabbit

Yes, there are medical uses for vibrators.

In fact, as this article reminds us, vibrators were originally designed to treat “hysteria” in women. This has always led me to imagine a lot of women faking “hysteria” in order to go visit the doctor, who presumably knew where the clitoris is and how to treat it. I mean, hey, when I went without orgasms for too long, I get pretty grouchy, too. I wonder if “hysteria” was just fancy term for “raving bitch” back then?

I’ve used orgasms to treat headaches, sinus infections and even sleeplessness. What have YOU used your sex toys to treat?

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