PW 399: Poly mythbusters!

mythbuster lolcatThe top five poly myths you wanted to see busted!

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1:00 Announcements and Host Chat

5:30  Topic: Poly mythbusters

  • The original article that inspired this episode
  • My original list:
    • It’s all about the love
    • Only men want it
    • No one ever gets jealous
    • It’s more evolved than monogamy
    • But when I put it to you, the listeners, you voted in these top five myths:
  1. Poly = fear of commitment (aka “you’re just afraid to settle down” or “when you meet the Right One you’ll change”)
  2. 10:16 Poly = orgies (also general promiscuity and sex)
  3. Poly is bad and confusing for the children
  4. 16:04 Poly = cheating
  5. Poly doesn’t work or doesn’t last

22:20 Feedback
Derek wrote in to share how he and his sweetie avoided a relationship land mind.

24:50 Thanks

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25:30 Wrap up

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