Poly Weekly #176: Poly and Proud

This week Poly Weekly #176: Minx takes us to Poly Pride NYC!.
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0:00 Introduction and host chat
Intro, under-18 warning and re-direction to www.scarleteen.com; friend me on Twitter and answer questions about what you want on the show, call 206-202-POLY with comments or discuss your own topics at the forums at http://forum.polyweekly.com.

Host chat: Poly NYC; Friday night’s Cuddle Party; hot three-way kisses at the after party; 9:00 Nikol from the Midwest Teen Sex Show moved to new york and had brunch; book reading at Blue Stockings bookstore; meeting Barbara Foster; the national poly leadership summit; if you would like to participate go to the poly NYC website and click on “contact us”

13:55 Interview: Justin
Founder of Poly NYC; cuddle parties; his own background and how he got started; some steps to organizing.

20:05 Interview: Alan from polyamory in the news!
the Polyamory Leadership meeting; when and why he started the Polyamory in the News blog; challenges in running it

28:10 Interview: Anita Wagner
Anita tells us about her talk “The Mainstreaming of Polyamory”; the good press that has been out there on polyamory lately; this current polymory movement to the free love movment of the 60’s; the choice of monogamy versus polyamory.

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Our intro and outro music is courtesy of Pacemaker Jane, “Good Suspicions”

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New York Poly Pride, Day 1

Had a great time my first day in New York for the 8th annual New York Poly Pride!

I’m crashing with a lovely poly bi guy in the West Village, and on his block (not on his stree, mind you, but his block, I can get a tattoo, buy leather gear, get sounds, find crystals, get a $12 haircut, get my fortune told and buy a custom $1,000 suit with a steampunk twist that would make my buddy M jealous.

So I’m in this silly, touristy place where everything is fun for me because it’s IN NEW YORK. I rode the subway IN NEW YORK! I ate at a diner IN NEW YORK! I had a black and white cookie a la Seinfeld IN NEW YORK! I walked a mile IN NEW YORK! I ordered pie a la mode iN NEW YORK!

Such a silly girl I am.

Last night’s Cuddle Party was interesting/fun. One of the big thrills of this trip is the chance to meet people I’ve only known online and via Skype–Serena Anderlini d’Onoforio, Alan from Poly in the Media, the stunning goddess Birgitte Phillippides, T, my cute host Simon, poly therapist Beki, Mark from Poly-NYC… and there will be more today. It’s kind of nice to be able to put faces to all these amazing poly activist names. The scene her is so very vibrant–not just socially, but politically. They don’t just have a few munches here and call it a day; these are the rock stars of polyamory. And I get to be here, too!

Speaking of which, I should run my short talk down and pack my purse. Oh, and figure out which way Central Park is…

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