PW 309: the Myth of Sex Addiction

Sex addiction as a celebrity diagnosis is all the rage. But is it real?

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1:00 News and host chat

5:00 Interview: the Myth of Sex Addiction

Dr. David Ley is a clinical psychologist and the author of a new book on sex addiction to be released next week!

  • First book was Insatiable Wives about permissive female infidelity and the hotwife lifestyle
  • Why the book was necessary
  • Is “sex addiction” just a label for celebrities who have more sex than me?
  • If sex is a biological imperative, how can it be an addiction?
  • Why has this arisen in our culture now, this idea that people can be addicted to sex? What brought this about?
  • TigressBooks asks: but is this behavior typical of alpha male? Not pathological, but personality type?
  • Nissyen asks: there are lots of compulsive behaviors. Does sex gets the addiction label because it’s so culturally taboo to be promiscuous?
  • Irish8m asks: isnt any action/behavior done to a degree that pushes other aspects of life out of balance an “addiction,” including sex?

References: the History of Nymphomania

39:00 Happy Poly Moment

  • Kit shares a happy poly moment about his wife getting a date she wanted
  • Funny poly moment from Clint and Kat in New Zealand

44:00 Wrapup

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