How to Get Some (at Sex 2.0)

Sex 2.0 was a great time, despite my being sick for all of it! If you’re curious, take a peek at the Twitter stream here. Or take a look at the slides from my How to Get Some (at a con) talk here:

Also, uploading videos as I have time to Facebook:

Sex 2.0: Building Bridges

Building Bridges and Alliances between researches, sex workers and clients, Dr. Elizabeth Wood and Renegade Evolution

Elizabeth WoodElizabeth Wood and Renegade Evolution posed questions about the issues with research on sex workers, including the fact that researchers often interview only street walkers and that media outlets often sensationalize the results of valid research studies. What would you like to see in sex worker research? KimberleeCline said, "I’d like to see people stop researching us and start researching people who hate us." (This got an ovation!) That is, let’s look at who is threatened by empowered sex workers and why instead of another article on how all strippers are addicted to drugs and all escorts were molested as kids.

Renegade EvolutionAnother question: how can clients become allies? And how can we vet researches? Answer: be sure you Google your researcher and read his/her bio–you’ll be able to see the bias up front. To sex about your researcher’s level of awareness, ask about her association with CARAS. If she hasn’t heard of it or isn’t interested in finding out more, run.

What else would you like to see in sex worker research?

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